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Economic Analysis

Yield Curve: Latest treasury yield curve.
Econbrowser:  Analysis of current economic conditions and policy.

Edward Yardeni: All kinds of information available here from the popular economist.
Grandfather Economic Report: Collection of easy-to-understand picture reports on the US economy.
Free Lunch: A comprehensive source of economic data. Fast, Simple, and Free!
Dismal Scientist: Latest economic trends and reports. 
Stock Charts Market Map Graphically see outperforming sector, country, or industry indices.
Bureau of Labor Statistics: Source for U.S. employment, consumer spending, and inflation data. Source of consumer confidence survey information. 
Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis: Publishes detailed U.S. economic data including GDP, personal income, corporate profits, etc.  
Economic Cycle Research Institute: Publishes Weekly Leading Index (WLI). Links to the latest reports for economic indicators that are compiled by U.S. Government agencies.
Federal Reserve: Lots of economic data along with the latest Fed meeting minutes. Links to economic statistics collected by U.S. Government agencies. Publishes monthly investor optimism numbers (often used as contrary market indicator).
University of Michigan: Publishes consumer sentiment data. 
White House Economic Briefing Room: Latest statistics released by the U.S. Government in an easy to find format.
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