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Technical Analysis
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More Tools & Resources

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Finace/Investment Portals

Yahoo Finance: Finance portal. Latest market news and general investment information.
T.Rowe Price: Excellent source for investor education.
MSN Money: Investment tools, market news, stock research, quotes and charts. 
CBS Marketwatch: Finance portal. Earnings expectation numbers.
ADVFN: Provides lots of company financial information in an easy to view format.

Fundamental Analysis

Market Map from  See how various sectors and stocks have performed in one graphical page.
Bull and Bear Wise: Key economic and financial indicators under one website using easy-to-compare rolling 5-year charts.

S&P500 Earnings: Earnings and P/E ratio of the US market as represented by S&P500 index.
Market Valuation Ratios from Martin Capital: See indicaters such as P/E, P/D, etc. for S&P500. Morningstar's Major Fund Owners section lists the mutual funds with the largest holdings of a selected stock, along with Morningstar's Star Ratings of each of those funds. A company's local newspaper often has information that you won't find elsewhere. Here's a comprehensive directory of U.S. newspaper websites. 
SEC Info: Free source for SEC reports.
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