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Technical Analysis Good source for historical charts.  Has point & figure and candlestick charts. Analysis using candle stick charts.  Has background information on candlestick charting. Another good site for quotes and charts. Outstanding Java charts! Excellent charting tools along with fundamental information. Screening tool to find William J. O’Neil's CANSLIM stocks. Useful technical analysis on stocks and mutual funds.
Investor's Business Daily: Financial newspaper with heavy emphasis on technical analysis of stocks.
II Bull/Bear Chart: Bullish and bearish investor percentages based on surveys of investment advisors.
Investors Intelligence: %Bullish Indicator.
AAII Sentiment Survey: Measures % bullish investors among its members.

Analyst Ratings & Forecasts  An excellent source for bio-tech, small cap, and market sentiment.  Offers stock and option selection advice based on market sentiment data.
Thoughts from the Frontline: Investment articles from John Mauldin.
Financial Sense: Commentary on markets and economy.
Decision Point: Articles featuring charts that illustrate aspects of Technical Analysis along with providing market commentary.
Prudent Bear: Provides market commentary -- bearish as the name implies. Market commentary and chart analysis.
Comstock Partners:  Usually bearish market commentary.
Fiend Bear:  As the name implies, provides links to bearish news articles.
Big Trends: Daily market commentary and advice.
Zeal Research: Research essays on stock, bond, and commodity markets.  Publishes information on U.S. stock market liquidity including mutual funds flow, exchange traded funds flow and withheld income and employment tax collections. Earnings expectation numbers.
New Ratings: Full analyst news and ratings coverage.
Financial Trend Forecaster:  Predicts inflation rate one-year into the future. Based neural network computer models, generates forecasts of interest rates, stock market indexes, retail sales, and much more. Supermarket of Trading Strategies -- helps you find a strategy that works for you!  News and commentary as part of Wall Street With Fortune Program.
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